BMW 5 Series (E12, E28, E34, E39, E60, E61)

Since 1972, BMW has been manufacturing the 5 series lineup of executive cars that were a successor to the New Class Sedans. Executive cars are large vehicles that are built larger than compact executive or mid-size cars. When the 5 series cars were first produced, you could only purchase a vehicle in a sedan body style. Later on, in 1991, a wagon/estate body style was introduced (also called a “Touring” model). A 5-door fastback was also introduced in 2009. After the 3 series lineup, the 5 series have been the best-selling models in the BMW range. The first generation was produced from 1972-1981, the second from 1981-1988, third from 1988-1996, fourth from 1995-2003, fifth from 2003-2010, sixth from 2010-2016, and the seventh began in 2017. If you own a 5 series model from any of the generations, you’ll want to shop OEM parts for repairs and replacements. Find OEM parts that will fit your make and model perfectly here on our site.