BMW 535d Auto Parts

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The BMW 5 series is one of the most popular series in the lineup of vehicles produced by the German brand. The 535d was produced from 2004-2007, and again from 2007-2010.

When you need to make a replacement or repair on your 535d, you want to know that the new parts you're getting are quality and will last a long time. Here at BMW of South Atlanta, we carry OEM parts that are straight from the manufacturer and guaranteed to work in your specific model. The parts we sell include:

Fuel pumps/Fuel System parts - Some of the common problems that have come up with models in the BMW 5 series include issues with the fuel pumps not working properly, which can cause your car to stall. The fuel pump is an important part of your vehicle that sends fuel through to your carburetor, so you want to make sure that this part is functioning.

Oil Filters - Making replacements to the oil filter on your car is a common part of routine maintenance that you don't want to ignore. You need to change the BMW 535d filter on a regular basis so that debris and pollution don't get through to your engine.

We have a great selection of OEM BMW parts to shop for here on our site beyond fuel system parts or oil filters. See what we have by browsing our store today!