What Happened To The Classic BMW Models In Your Catalog?

We can still provide the Original BMW parts to you. When we went to the new format, our catalog also updated and no longer shows Classic BMW models. The bottom of this page has a list of models that no longer show in the vehicle selection tools.

Our Catalog still contains the parts you need, the vehicles will just no longer show up in the vehicle selection tool and some of the diagrams are missing. Just follow the steps below to get the parts you need.

If you have the part number:

  • Simply do a search for the number and you will still find the part, along with pricing information and the ability to add it to your cart. It is only the diagram that is missing.

If you do not have the part number:

  1. Go to RealOEM.com
  2. Search for the part or parts you are looking for there. They will have the old diagrams our site used to have along with part numbers.
  3. Copy down any part number you need and return here.
  4. Type the part number you are looking for into the search box to be taken to that exact product.

Additionally, you can Contact Us Here  with your needs and we will help in locating the parts you need as well as send you a quote that will allow you to make the purchase online.

We welcome your business and apologies that our new site does not provide the diagrams you were used to. We still value your business and hope you will continue to trust us for your BMW parts needs.

Thank you,

BMW of South Atlanta

Vehicle models that no longer appear in our catalog, but we still carry parts for are:

E20    2002, 2002tii, 1600, 1602

E21    320i

E3      2500,   2800 3.0S 3.3Li     Sedan

E9     2500, 2800CS 3.0 CS     Coupe

E12   528i, 530i

E24   630CSi, 633CSi, 635CSi

E23    733i