• Your website refers to parts as right or left.  Is that if I'm standing in front of the car or behind the car?  
    • Right or Left is determined as if you are sitting in the car looking forward.  On a standard USA car, the left side is the driver's side.
  • Your site says you have an item in stock, but I've heard from my local dealership that is has been discontinued. 
    • We list the entire BMW catalog online for reference only and make no claim that every item listed online is in stock and available for shipment today. Though we make every effort to remove discontinued items from the site as they come to our attention, we have no way of isolating those items that are still valid in the system from those that are not.  The availability changes frequently and it is nearly impossible to predict stock and outages within the BMW network.
    • We do not charge your card for any purchase made online until we have had sufficient time to verify availability and fitment if you provided a VIN number when checking out. If by chance you ordered an item that is no longer available, we will not charge you for the part and you will be notified immediately by email of the circumstance.
  • I bought an item and it does not fit my car. Can I return it?  
    • Yes, but please take a look at the Returns section of this site.
  • I need to order a key for my car and don't see them online.
    • For your protection, we are unable to sell keys online because we require in-person verification of your ownership of the vehicle at the time you order a key. We recommend contacting your local BMW dealer to order replacement keys. Similarly EWS and CAS units are not available from us.
  • I was told a part was only available out of Germany.  Does it cost more? How fast can I get it?
    • No, it does not cost any more than if it were a domestically stocked part.  
    • The typical time for us to receive German sourced parts, to our facility, is around 2-3 weeks from the day the order is placed through the website.
  • Do you offer expedited shipping or next day air?
    • On some parts we do, given that it is in stock in our Atlanta facility.  Any overnight requests must be made before 9:00 AM EST and all additional charges are dependent on Carrier rates for your given area. Please view our Shipping page for all the details.
    • We will make every reasonable effort to get your order shipped out to you in a timely fashion and try to accommodate any special circumstance you may have.  Though we will try to make delivery work with your schedule, it is simply not possible to do in every situation! 

Have any more questions? Please do not hesitate to Contact Us Here.