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The BMW 5 series cars are in the range of executive cars that have been produced since 1972. There have been multiple generations of the 5 series vehicles and is currently in the seventh generation. After the 3 series, the 5 series cars follow for the best-selling from the manufactured.

OEM parts are something that you should always be buying for any car model you own - especially high-performance cars like the BMW 528i. OEM parts are made with compatibility in mind - they're made with the dimensions and specifications that your car's factory parts were made with. they're tested just like these parts against high standards and you can rest assured that they will fit the way they should. Quality and OEM go hand in hand.

OEM parts are something that can increase the operational life of equipment around them. The exact match of the part makes sure that no wear and tear occurs to other parts, unlike when you purchase aftermarket products. The difference between the two is clear, which is why we sell genuine BMW parts here on our site. We want to sell only the very best here at BMW of South Atlanta and have everything organized so it's easy to find! 

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