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The BMW 540i is a part of the iconic 5 series of cars produced by BMW. This specific model is the fourth generation that was produced from 1995-2003. The car was launched in the sedan body style and a "touring" model that was introduced in 1996. The vehicle was the first in the 5 series to have the option of a four-cylinder diesel engine.

OEM parts are something that offer you a key advantage over aftermarket parts in terms of reliability. You want to be able to trust and count on the parts that you're using to make repairs and replacements in your BMW 540i, which is why buying parts straight from the manufactured is so important. OEM parts are something made with the dimensions and specifications of your car in mind, meaning there won't be any issues with how they fit in your model. This means you'll have more time between repairs and longer lasting parts that save you money down the road.

Finding genuine BMW parts at a good price is something that doesn't have to be difficult. We have a great selection of a range of parts for any project here on our site, all at competitive prices. Browse our different categories for your BMW 540i, and Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

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