BMW 535i GT xDrive Auto Parts

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The BMW 535i GT xDrive belongs to the second generation of the 5 series of mid-sized sedans. The "GT" means the car has extra features to make the interior comfortable, and the xDrive is BMW's all-wheel drive system.

All cars require routine service at some point, and you'll want to shop the highest quality parts for the job. OEM parts are what you should be looking for when it's time to make replacements. The abbreviation OEM means original equipment manufacturer. This means that the parts are produced by your car's original manufacturer and are designed to be the exact same as the original parts on your car were. You want to make sure your vehicle is running the best it can, and aftermarket parts aren't going to guarantee the same quality that you can get from shopping OEM. Aftermarket manufacturers are not held to the same standards as the OEM manufacturers when it comes to producing safe and quality products. This means they may have a shorter lifespan and need replacement shortly after install. You don't want this!

We sell a wide range of OEM parts that will fit your BMW 535i GT xDrive. If you have any questions that come up during the shopping process, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.