BMW 530i xDrive Auto Parts

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The BMW 530i was the first of the 5 series models using aluminum components in the front suspension. It was introduced as a part of the fourth generation of five series models.

As a part of your 530i, the xDrive all-wheel drive system allows you to have confidence on the road in a variety of conditions. The xDrive system is a permanent system that helps you maintain control on the road so you can remain focused and safe. xDrive helps to deliver drive power between your front and rear axles and can change the distribution based on road conditions. It uses a smart stability control feature that allows it to monitor road conditions and detect if your wheels might spin out of control.

You're likely on our web store because you're in need of parts for your 530i xDrive, whether it be for routine maintenance or a more in-depth repair. Using genuine OEM BMW parts allows you to have confidence when you're working on your car. You want what you do to your BMW to last and to not cause further problems down the line. OEM parts will guarantee that you're able to make a seamless replacement of a part without you having to worry about fitment or dimensions.