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Looking for parts for your BMW 550i GT xDrive? Need to make a repair or replacement?

Using OEM parts when you're maintaining or repairing your vehicle is the only way to guarantee a high-quality fit and lifespan. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturer of your vehicle and unlike aftermarket parts, are not mass produced to fit a variety of car models. OEM parts are made with your specific vehicle in mind. This means the dimensions are measurements are considered and the OEM manufacturer is held to the same standards that were originally in place when your car was produced. You don't want to take a chance by ordering aftermarket parts for your car. You never know exactly what you're going to get when you do so - you could end up with parts that are not the right size when you go to make an install. Even if you can get them to fit, they likely will not last as long as an OEM part, which is made with high quality and durable materials. It just makes sense to shop OEM - you might spend a few dollars more upfront, but you'll save a ton when it comes to follow up repairs. They'll last a lot longer.