About Us


SONS Auto Group is the latest in a lineage of successful auto sales experts. Clay, Slater, and Street Nalley's roots run deep. Since 1918, the Nalleys have thrived in the auto sales and service industry. Like their father, grandfather, and great grandfather, the sons have been paving their way in the auto retail word. 

After decades of success with a string of dealerships, their father, C.V. 'Jim' Nalley understood where the future of the automotive industry was heading. In the 1990s, he consolidated his nine Atlanta area car and truck outlets with like-minded groups to form the Asbury Automotive Group. This partnership provided a safety net for franchises and helped dealerships survive tough economic times.

After working for their dad and Asbury Automotive Group, the sons began to branch out and continue their family legacy. They started by purchasing four Hank Aaron dealerships. This was the start of the aptly named SONS Auto Group. Like their forefathers, their goals are to provide exceptional values and great customer service for drivers in Georgia and Alabama.


We are as dedicated to our drivers as we are to our community. Union City, Georgia was an easy choice for the site of our location. The welcoming, small town hospitality of the community is reflected at our dealership with stress-free car shopping. We take pride in our reputation for outstanding BMW sales, service, and financing.

We Are Local. BMW of South Atlanta believe in Union City and its surrounding communities. Always looking for ways to give back, we help our drivers in life and on the road. 
Your Dollars Stay Home. When you buy from us, you are investing in your local community. 
You Never Pay Corporate Fees. There's no corporate greed here. When you buy from us, you're never hit with additional and unnecessary overhead fees. 

BMW of South Atlanta appreciates your business and we strive to be more than an average dealership.