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The BMW M5 is a model in BMWs lineup that is a high-performance vehicle marketed under the sub brand of BMW, the "BMW M." The "M" stands for motorsport, based on the brand's racing program that ran successfully in the 60's and 70's. The first M5 model was produced in 1985 (hand-built). They've been produced for every generation of the 5 series since that year.

There are many key advantages to shopping for OEM products for your vehicle when you're looking to make a repair or replacement. Some of the top advantages to shopping genuine BMW parts is the fact that they will fit your specific model. This means that your OEM parts are going to be compatible with the dimensions and specifications of the original parts in your vehicle. they're high quality, as opposed to aftermarket parts that can be a gamble when you purchase them.

We understand the difference between aftermarket and OEM, which is why we are proud to carry a vast selection of OEM BMW parts that will fit a range of years and model types. When you're looking to buy M5 parts that are straight from the manufactured, we have everything here listed by category to make the shopping experience easy. 

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