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As a part of the generation of the BMW 5 series, the 530xi is considered an executive car. The 5 series is the second best-selling lineup after the 3-series.

When it comes to the BMW 5 series, it's important to know some of the common problems that your 530xi may come across so that you can be prepared to make replacements if necessary. Of course, you may just want to be shopping for parts to maintain your vehicle or even upgrade it. Some of the things we carry for your 530xi include:

Cooling system parts - The cooling system in your vehicle is extremely important, but it's also been reported as being something that is 25% responsible for mechanical issues reported with this model of BMW. Watching the temperature gauge and making replacements to the thermostat and water pump can save you a lot of time and money down the line.

Fuel pumps - We sell replacement fuel pumps and related accessories for your BMW here so that you can avoid problems that can cause poor engine performance or rough idling. Issues with the fuel system can show themselves with acceleration issues or stalling.

If your car has shown signs of these common problems or you need any other replacement part, we have a great selection of OEM components here on our site that you can shop.

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