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The BMW 1 series have been in production by the brand since 2004. They were introduced as after the 3 series compact vehicles and are a range of subcompact executive cars. Vehicles in the 1 series are considered to be entry level vehicles into the model ranges and offer great style in a smaller frame.

Making replacements to parts on your car can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn't have to be complicated. When you are shopping for 135i parts, you'll want to pay attention and shop OEM parts. OEM simply means "original equipment manufactured," meaning that the parts originate from the same manufactured that the parts on your car came with. they're new parts that are made with the same consideration and materials that the original parts were. Many aftermarket manufacturers are making parts that fit on multiple models, which means often that these Don't fit the way they should. You shouldn't have to struggle to make a part fit on your car.

We're happy to sell OEM parts that fit your BMW 135i. We Don't want you to second guess the fitment of parts on your vehicle. Shop OEM parts that have guaranteed dimensions and are tested against manufactured and industry qualifications.

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