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The BMW Z3 is part of the second generation of two-seater sports cars produced between 1995-2002. Also known by the E36/7/8 model code, the vehicle was the first mass-produced Z Series car from the manufacturer and was available in both roadster and coupe styles. If you’re fortunate enough to own a BMW Z3, you will want to make replacements on your vehicle with the best parts. OEM BMW Z3 parts are what you should invest in, because they’re made with the model in mind and are exact fit.

Some of the parts we carry for Z3 models include:

• Body parts - Replacing parts of your BMW to get a perfect match can be a lot of work, but we make it simple by offering a great selection of anything you might need. We have everything from new bumpers to new trim.

• Transmission - Sometimes, the transmission on your BMW might take a beating. We offer OEM automatic and manual transmission parts and accessories for a quick fix.

Here at BMW of South Atlanta, we take pride in offering a great shopping experience so you can find the factory parts you need for your Z3, straight from the manufacturer. If you have any questions, you can always call our customer service line at 866-216-1410 or email us at  

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