BMW Z3 Performance Parts

You're a BMW Z3 driver. You probably dream of upgrading that coupe or roadster you love so much. The best way to start? Installing a few performance parts. You're in luck. Options for modding are practically limitless. For one, you can put on high-performance tires. Many have speed ratings friendlier to your two-door's top speed than your factory tires. That way, you'll be able to accelerate, corner, and brake a lot better. Secondly, you can update your air intake to include a heat shield. This will not only give your power and fuel efficiency a little boost. It'll also reduce running noise. Third, you can modernize your suspension from one with simple springs to one with coilovers. Customize them, and you can adjust your ride's height, greatly enhancing its handling; you'll be able to not only turn faster but also corner more easily. Fourth, you can install a catalyst back exhaust, also known as a "cat back." It'll help your car make the most of engine performance. Fifth, you can replace the copper spark plugs your car came with, with iridium spark plugs. They last a lot longer and ensure your engine can burn fuel reliably. Finally, you can put in a set of high-durability performance brakes. They'll dissipate heat best during quick stops. Of course, these aren't the only BMW Z3 performance parts you can put in. Our auto parts counter has plenty to choose from. Browse our massive selection and see for yourself. Then, order what you need online. You'll have your project underway in no time!

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