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The BMW i3 is an electric vehicle manufactured by the BMW i sub-brand of BMW, which is dedicated to producing plug-in electric vehicles. The cars produced for retail customers began in 2013. The car uses rear wheel drive and a single-speed transmission. The car also features an optional range-extending gasoline engine and is considered the first zero emissions vehicle to be mass produced by the brand. The car is a five-door model, featuring a hatchback in the rear and is made of a bodywork with carbon fiber reinforced plastic.

Like any other type of vehicle, the BMW i3 is not immune to wear and tear and may need repairs down the line. When you're looking to make replacements to parts on the i3, it's important to know that shopping for OEM parts makes a big difference. you'll have a peace of mind with performance and fitment when you purchase OEM parts, because they're made for your model specifically. Plus, shopping for OEM parts is less of a hassle - you plug in the model and year, and we do the rest.

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