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The BMW 330i is a part of the iconic 3 series that started production in 1975. The vehicle was introduced as a part of the sixth generation in 2011. The vehicle was the first in the generations of 3 series models that are powered by a range of turbocharged engines. It's been a popular choice for BMW enthusiasts.

There are a lot of benefits to using OEM parts for making repairs and replacements in your BMW. OEM means that these parts are made by the original equipment manufactured that was responsible for producing the parts your car had in it when it was made. This means that OEM parts have the exact dimensions and specifications that your original parts did - making it a lot easier to feel good about putting these components into your vehicle. Buying aftermarket parts can cause you a lot of headaches and extra money down the road, so avoid the problems and buy OEM in the first place.

If you have any questions at all during the shopping process or want more specifics about a part for your BMW 330i, you can contact our team. We're available via email at or just a phone call away at 866-216-1410. 

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