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The BMW 328xi is a part of the successful 3 series that is comprised of over 12 vehicles that vary with tech specs and structure. The 328xi is a vehicle that uses all-wheel drive, which is why there is an x in the name - it stands for the BMW four-wheel drive system.

OEM parts are something that you should use to make any sort of repair or replacement on your BMW 328xi. This is because the fit and function of these parts will be suited best for your specific model! You can buy any old aftermarket part and use it, but you may face a headache and another repair sooner than you'd hope. This is because only OEM parts are made with your car in mind and are from the same factory as your vehicle. This guarantees quality and that things will line up exactly when you go to make the replacement. OEM parts are made with manufactured specifications.

Understanding that OEM parts are the best fit for your BMW means that you'll want to shop from a store who sells components straight from the manufactured. you're in the right place! Here at BMW of South Atlanta, we are happy to sell these quality parts so that you can have the best fit possible for repairs. 

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BMW 328xi Headlight