BMW 318ti Auto Parts

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The BMW 3 series compact, also known as the 318ti, was launched in 1994 as an attempt to attract younger buyers to the brand, as it started with a base price of around $19,900. Launched models were powered with four-cylinder engines and featured all of the standard "luxury" features like leather and a power sunroof as an optional add-on. They were produced until 2004.

Did you realize that the type of parts you shop for when it comes to making repairs and replacements on your vehicle actually make a difference? OEM parts are made to fit your 318ti perfectly, just like the parts it was made with in the factory. OEM products are something that come with a lot of advantages - one of the largest being the longevity of the parts. Not only do the replacement parts last long, but they in turn allow other equipment in your vehicle to perform as it should for a lot longer, too.

OEM parts are designed specifically to fit the precise specifications that your car model has. This helps reduce unnecessary wear and tear that might come from purchasing aftermarket parts that Don't fit as well. We're happy to sell a range of parts that will fit your 318ti perfectly. We're also happy to offer competitive pricing and great customer service that is only a phone call or email away.