BMW 2 Series (F22, F23, F44, F87)

German automobile manufacturer BMW introduced the 2 series of subcompact executive cars in 2014 and developed several cars that replaced models in the 1 series lineup. Subcompact executive cars are premium models that are in between the sizes of compact and executive cars. This gives drivers a nice-sized vehicle that isn’t too big or too small, but “just-right.” The BMW 2 series developed a compact coupe that replaced the 1 series coupe and a convertible style that replaced the 1 series convertible as well. The 2 series models are also offered in an Active Tourer style, also known as a compact multi-purpose vehicle.  If you own a 2 series model from the BMW lineup, it’s important to replace any parts on it with OEM components. Only OEM parts are going to be made specifically for your BMW 2 series. This will ensure your car continues to deliver at peak performance.

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