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The BMW L7 was rolled out back in the mid 1980's - with the L standing for "luxury." The car was intended to be a special model that debuted with luxuries as standard equipment - like automatic transmission and a leather interior.

When you're making repairs, modifications, or replacements on your BMW L7, you want to ensure that you have the right parts for the job. OEM is the better way to go when you're shopping for parts, because just like your specific make and model is unique - the parts should be unique to fit your car. OEM parts are straightforward when you're shopping. You don't have to sort through pages and pages of aftermarket parts or try and sort through reviews to check the quality of the product. You can know when shopping OEM that they are guaranteed to fit, work, and last a long time. Save yourself a headache during the buying process by sticking with OEM for your BMW.

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