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BMW is known for their various model types, and the Alpina B7 is the fourth generation out of the high-performance full-size luxury cars made from 2011-2015. Alpina is the manufacturing company that develops high performance versions of standard BMW cars.

Just because your Alpina B7 is a high-performance model doesn't mean that problems can't come up with the parts that make up your vehicle. Any vehicle is bound to need some maintenance and repair work done on it at some point, and what's important is knowing what parts you should purchase for your car. OEM parts are what you should be using to make repairs and replacements on your BMW.

Yes - aftermarket parts can be a lot cheaper upfront and may work to get the job done at the moment, but the quality difference between aftermarket and OEM just doesn't compare. OEM parts are specifically made for your Alpina B7. Aftermarket parts are mass-produced to fit a range of vehicle models, so you won't be getting the fitment you desire when you use them for repairs.

This is why we sell a large range of OEM Alpina B7 parts - so you can have options all in one place that can be shipped right to your door.  

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