BMW 850Ci Auto Parts

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The BMW 850CSi was considered the top-of-the-range when it came to the 8 series models. The car used the same engine as the standard 850i but was changed so much that it was given a new engine code. Other modifications were made to the vehicle including a different fuel injection system and a new suspension system.

Your BMW 850CSi can feature its share of problems, just like any other vehicle on the market. When you need to find the right part for your model, you want to make sure that you're shopping for OEM quality items. OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, meaning that all of the parts you want for your BMW are made specifically by BMW for your ride. This means they're compatible with your specific model.

OEM parts have a superior fit than your average aftermarket parts that you can find anywhere. Aftermarket parts are often mass-produced and cover a variety of makes and models, so you won't have the specific fitment and performance like you do when you're shopping BMW specific parts. While you might save a buck here and there shopping aftermarket parts, it will cost you more down the line in the form of more frequent repairs due to problems popping up.

We sell a variety of OEM BMW parts here to fit your 850CSi, so shop our range today.