BMW 428i Gran Coupe Auto Parts

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The BMW 428i was launched back in 2014 and offered as a 2-door coupe. The 428i Gran Coupe allows you to have the styling of a coupe but with the convenience of a four door vehicle that gives you and passengers easier access to the back of your car.

When you're needing to purchase parts for your 428i Gran Coupe, you'll be faced with several buying options. You might think, what does OEM stand for when it comes to parts? OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. This means that the part you're purchasing is being delivered by the same manufacturer of your car. OEM parts stay true to the original parts of your vehicle that were there when it came off the conveyor belt. They have the exact specifications and design that the original parts had. It's a lot easier choosing the right part when you're shopping OEM, because you don't have as wide of a pool to choose from and can narrow your selections down. Using OEM parts also doesn't usually affect your car's original manufacturer warranties if you make replacements with them. All of this should give you a larger peace of mind when shopping OEM!

When it's time to find the right OEM part for your car, look no further than our site. We're happy to help with the process and our customer service team can assist via email or phone if needed.