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Since 1975, BMW has producing different models that fit into the 3 series range. This range of vehicles are compact executive cars that followed up the 02 series. The 3 series is the best-selling series of models of the BMW line.

If you have to make replacements to parts on your BMW 318i, you want to make sure to shop around for OEM parts. OEM parts are brand new parts that are made with the same materials as the original parts on your car, unlike aftermarket parts and products that are made with a third-party company. It's hard to ensure that aftermarket parts are going to give you the guaranteed functionality and quality as the OEM parts will - so stick with what is meant for your specific model and shop our genuine parts today. OEM parts make it easy to make repairs and replacements because they are designed with the exact specifications of your vehicle.

You've come to the right place when it comes to making replacements on your BMW 318i. We are happy to sell a range of genuine OEM BMW parts at competitive prices. Don't make the replacement process complicated. Get what you pay for and invest in quality parts that won't let you down! 

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