MINI Cooper Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are the parts (or discs) that the brake pads clamp down onto in order to stop the wheels from turning, allowing you to stop. They’re an important part of your Mini Cooper’s braking system, and should be replaced when they are bad. Bad rotors will make noises and you’ll notice that your car takes longer to stop. If they’re warped, they’ll squeak, but if they’re severely worn out, it’s more of a scraping sound. You can find your replacement brake rotors here. 

Repair Kit Brake Pads Asbes 348011
Positions: Front
Other Names: Front Pads, Rotor, Repair Kit Brake Pads Asbes 348011 More
Replaces: 34-10-6-860-020, 34-10-6-884-224
Description: Cooper Countryman. With jcw package. Jcw model, with slots, without holes. More

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