BMW X Series (E53, E70, E71, E83)

The BMW X series features many different models of crossovers and SUV models. There are seven different X series models. The first X series model was debuted in 1999 and was the X5. It’s a mid-size luxury SUV that was available in both automatic and manual transmission. The X5 was actually branded as a “Sports Activity Vehicle” versus an SUV. This was intended to help buyers see the abilities the car would have on the road. The X3 is another X model that was introduced in 2003 as more of a compact luxury crossover SUV. This was followed with the introduction of the mid-size crossover X6 in 2007, the subcompact crossover X1 in 2009, compact luxury X4 in 2014, compact luxury X2 in 2017, and the full-sized luxury SUV X7 in 2018. Regardless of the X model you own from BMW, it’s important to always use OEM parts on the car. When you get OEM parts for your X model, you’re guaranteeing that they will be made to the exact measurements and specifications of the car. You can find OEM X series parts here on our site.