BMW M4 Spark Plugs

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Your factory BMW M4 spark plugs start the process of burning gas inside your car's engine and generating the power it uses to run. They ignite fuel in the first place by sparking electric arcs between leads. This creates a charge that bursts the molecular bonds of the engine's fuel-and-air ratio. Your engine pistons pump, your crankshaft spins, and your sports car's many parts get going. Without a reliable set of original spark plugs, your BMW M4 couldn't start at all; the combustion process couldn't happen. Unfortunately, all spark plugs go bad sooner or later. Their sparks can weaken and even become insignificant when the leads between plugs rust or widen. Failures can lead to engine misfires and power loss. Breakage can severely damage your engine cylinder. Luckily, though, today's spark plugs last around 100,000 miles and stand up well to ignitions in the millions. However, you should change any before they exceed their maximum mileage ratings. What spark plugs does your BMW M4 need? Genuine will work best. Your OEM designs its spark plugs to fit your coupe or convertible correctly from the start, after all. Our auto parts counter is fully stocked -- order now and get your ignition working again in no time.
Spark Plug
Part Number: 12-12-0-039-634
Other Names: Spark Plug High Power 121031 More Names
Replaces: 12-12-0-038-832
Description: 3.0L, m40xi. 4.4L, with M6. 3.0L, with M4. 3.0L, with M3. 4.4L turbo (s63t). 4.4L turbo, with m model. 3.0L, with m model, 2017-21. More Info
  • BMW:
    • M2,
    • M3,
    • M4,
    • M5,
    • M6,
    • M6 Gran Coupe,
    • X4,
    • X5,
    • X6
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MSRP $35.63
MSRP $35.63
Spark Plug Tube Seal
Part Number: 11-12-7-589-830
Positions: Lower, Left, Right
Other Names: Insert Gasket, Gasket 889520 More Names
Description: 2013-15. 2.0L gas. 3.0L with turbo gas. Coupe & convertible, 300 hp. 3.0L with turbo, from 01/2011. More Info
  • BMW:
    • 135i,
    • 228i,
    • 228i xDrive,
    • 320i,
    • 320i xDrive,
    • 328i,
    • 328i GT xDrive,
    • 328i xDrive,
    • 335i,
    • 335i GT xDrive,
    • 335i xDrive,
    • 335is,
    • 428i,
    • 428i Gran Coupe,
    • 428i xDrive,
    • 428i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 435i,
    • 435i Gran Coupe,
    • 435i xDrive,
    • 435i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 528i,
    • 528i xDrive,
    • 535i,
    • 535i GT,
    • 535i GT xDrive,
    • 535i xDrive,
    • 640i,
    • 640i Gran Coupe,
    • 640i xDrive,
    • 640i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 740i,
    • 740Li,
    • 740Li xDrive,
    • ActiveHybrid 3,
    • ActiveHybrid 5,
    • ActiveHybrid 7,
    • M2,
    • M235i,
    • M235i xDrive,
    • M3,
    • M4,
    • X1,
    • X3,
    • X4,
    • X5,
    • X6,
    • Z4
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MSRP $6.00
MSRP $6.00

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