BMW M4 Front Splitters

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Never mind the Bernoulli equation or Coanda effect. Put simply, the original front splitter on your BMW M4 is a flat front bumper extension, often rod-supported for keeping parallel with the ground, that balances downforce on your car's front and rear ends. It does this by creating an air pressure differential as the car moves. This is how you get the right downforce, and the benefits of getting it are numerous. For one, higher downforce improves your car's traction. Secondly, it enhances its performance by lowering its lift; as a result, the car gets better aerodynamics, and you get a smoother drive. In short, install a factory BMW front splitter on your M4, and you can get slightly higher speed without adding power or weight. Front splitters can be made of everything from carbon fiber to other high-stiffness materials like ABS plastic, fiberglass, polyurethane, or alumalite. Putting a durable ABS plastic front splitter on your BMW M4 is an affordable way to get results, but if you're looking for the ultimate in durability, go for a carbon fiber front splitter. Either way, the best you can get is one made by the OEM. BMW M4 front splitters come off the shelf guaranteed compatible with your coupe or convertible from the get-go. Indulge your need for speed – order your upgrade online today!
M Performance Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Set
Part Number: 51-19-2-350-712
Other Names: Front Cover In Carbon Left 519071 More Names
Description: The M Performance front splitter is designed to decrease lift in the front of the vehicle and provide a sporty- aggressive look. BMW... More Info
Notes: 2. More Notes
  • BMW:
    • M3,
    • M4
MSRP $957.00
MSRP $957.00

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