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Every BMW i8 owner dreams of making factory performance upgrades to the plug-in hybrid right off the line. After all, when it comes to mods, your options are endless. For one, you can upgrade to high-performance tires with the speed rating for the top speed of your BMW i8. It'll enable your sports car to accelerate, brake, and take corners better. Secondly, you can put in a cold air intake with a heat shield. Not only will it boost the power of your BMW i8. It'll also improve its fuel efficiency and reduce its noise. Third, you can install a coilover suspension system. These have major benefits over factory springs. Get a custom coilover suspension system, and you can even set your ride height to your personal specs. That'll greatly enhance how well your BMW i8 handles; you'll be able to make turns or more quickly, and cornering will get much easier. Fourth, you can put on a catalyst back exhaust, which will maximize how well your engine performs. Fifth, you can install iridium spark plugs, which last much longer than copper, ensuring more dependable fuel combustion. Finally, you can put on a set of performance brakes. They'll provide better heat dissipation during fast stops, not to mention they'll last longer. These aren't the only BMW i8 performance upgrades available, however. Browse our extensive selection to check out more. Order yours online today, and you'll be taking care of your next project in no time!
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Part Number: 71-22-7-502-056
Other Names: Label, Engine Decal, Label High Performance Synt 712010 More Names
Description: Synthetic oil, gas. Sedan & wagon, synthetic oil. More Info
  • BMW:
    • 320i,
    • 320i xDrive,
    • 325i,
    • 325xi,
    • 328d,
    • 328d xDrive,
    • 328i,
    • 328i GT xDrive,
    • 328i xDrive,
    • 328xi,
    • 330i,
    • 330xi,
    • 335d,
    • 335i,
    • 335i GT xDrive,
    • 335i xDrive,
    • 335xi,
    • 428i,
    • 428i xDrive,
    • 435i,
    • 435i xDrive,
    • 535i GT,
    • 535i GT xDrive,
    • 550i GT,
    • 550i GT xDrive,
    • 640i,
    • 640i Gran Coupe,
    • 640i xDrive,
    • 640i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 650i,
    • 650i Gran Coupe,
    • 650i xDrive,
    • 650i xDrive Gran Coupe,
    • 740Li,
    • 750i,
    • 750Li,
    • ActiveHybrid 3,
    • ActiveHybrid 7,
    • i8,
    • M3,
    • M4,
    • M6,
    • M6 Gran Coupe,
    • X1,
    • X3,
    • X4,
    • X5,
    • Z4
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MSRP $17.71
MSRP $17.71

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