BMW 320i Roof Racks

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There are many different areas in your BMW 320i that you can use to store luggage and gear, but sometimes, the space that you have in your car just isn't enough. If you're taking a longer trip or bringing along things that are on the larger side, trying to figure out how everything will fit might seem daunting. The process of packing doesn't have to be stressful, however. If you invest in an accessory like a roof rack for your car, it can make the process a lot simpler! Roof racks are great for expanding the amount of storage space you have on your vehicle. A roof rack can be attached to a range of roof types and will help to keep things organized and safely attached to your car. They can be adjusted to fit all kinds of items. It's important that you invest in one made for your specific BMW so that you can have it attach properly. You can find an OEM 320i roof rack right here on our site!

Base Support System
Part Number: 82-71-2-361-814
Other Names: Base Support System - Sedan, Roof Rack 829010 More Names
Replaces: 82-71-2-295-099
Description: Maximum permissible roof load: 165 lbs. Support bars are made of high-strength aluminum tubing. Lockable system is equipped with an... More Info
Notes: 31. More Notes
  • BMW:
    • 320i,
    • 320i xDrive,
    • 328d,
    • 328d xDrive,
    • 328i,
    • 328i xDrive,
    • 330e,
    • 330i,
    • 330i xDrive,
    • 335i,
    • 335i xDrive,
    • 340i,
    • 340i xDrive,
    • M3
  • 9 more
MSRP $290.00
MSRP $290.00

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