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Having a functional cruise control system in your BMW 320i is something that can be very convenient, especially on those long road trips. The cruise control is what helps you to set a speed and maintain it without having to step on the accelerator pedal. It can help you to improve fuel efficiency and also keep you from getting tired after driving long stretches. The cruise control is made of a range of different parts, including the switch itself. The switch can malfunction over time and cause issues with the cruise control system as a whole. You might find the cruise control light isn't coming on. Your vehicle also might not be maintaining the set speed when you hit the "set" button. Another thing that can become worn out is the vacuum bleed switch. This can cause the cruise control to disengage on its own or fail to disengage. It's important to fix this so you don't have any problems on the road. Find OEM 320i cruise control parts here on our site.

Distance Sensor Mount Bracket
Part Number: 66-31-6-853-978
Positions: Front
Other Names: Cruise Control Distance Sensor Bracket, Bracket F.Sensor 669900 More Names
Description: Sedan/wagon, m package, electrical components. Without M4, without m package, electrical components. Sedan, without trim lines, 2012-15,... More Info
  • BMW:
    • 320i,
    • 320i xDrive,
    • 328d,
    • 328d xDrive,
    • 328i,
    • 328i xDrive,
    • 330e,
    • 330i,
    • 330i xDrive,
    • 335i,
    • 335i xDrive,
    • 340i,
    • 340i xDrive,
    • 428i,
    • 428i xDrive,
    • 430i,
    • 430i xDrive,
    • 435i,
    • 435i xDrive,
    • 440i,
    • 440i xDrive,
    • ActiveHybrid 3,
    • M3,
    • M4
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MSRP $70.44
MSRP $70.44

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