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There are numerous advantages to shopping for OEM parts when you're looking to make a repair or replacement on your BMW 740i xDrive. The benefits of OEM will make up for any difference in price that you may experience upfront if you're considering shopping aftermarket. Think about this when you're shopping OEM:

OEM guarantees fitment. OEM parts are made by your BMW's original manufacturer. The same manufacturer that made the original parts for your BMW is the same manufacturer producing the replacement parts for your car. How else can you guarantee the perfect fit for your ride other than shopping from someone who is producing parts for your specific make and model?
OEM parts are high quality and long-lasting. OEM parts are made with durable materials and are consistent in quality. Aftermarket parts are made for a large variety of car models, meaning you never quite know what you're getting. You can guarantee the longevity and durability when you're shopping OEM.
OEM parts are easier to find. OEM parts are made for your car specifically, so it's much easier to narrow down your search. You don't have to waste time scouring the web and sifting through aftermarket parts to find what you need.

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