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The BMW 335is is a model in the BMW lineup that has a lot of curb appeal. The car is the fuel-injected sports version of the 335 that was produced as a part of the 3 series lineup. The car was produced as in coupe and convertible models and was positioned between the regular 335i and the M3 in the lineup.

You should consider many factors before you purchase replacement parts for your BMW 335is - the top things being the quality and fit of the parts. Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM) parts are made specifically for your vehicle so that you don't have to think twice about how they will fit in your vehicle. Your 335is is bound to need some maintenance or repairs at some point, and you want these fixes to last you a while so you can save money over time.

Aftermarket parts are often made with cheaper materials to keep costs down, which means you never know what you'll be getting for your ride. OEM parts are made in the same factories as your original parts and often come with one-year warranties for good measure. They're not mass produced for multiple cars - just your car. We have a great selection here, so shop today. 

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